Online Shopping Terms and Conditions Welcome to the ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF and hereinafter referred to as Onderberg. Please take a moment to read these terms and conditions including our policies (“Terms”) to understand how they apply to your use of our Website and any products or services that you may order online. These online shopping terms and conditions apply to all purchases ordered online at www.onderberg.com. Please read them carefully and print a copy for future reference. You will be registered when placing your first order online. Registration and/or use of our online shopping Website constitute your acceptance and agreement to be bound by the Terms of our Website, including the additional online shopping terms below. Online registration After Registration, you may be required to enter your email address and password as part of the login process when you use the Online shop. To amend any registration particulars please click on “My Account” and follow the instructions to edit your details. Product sales and availability All products displayed on our website are subject to availability.

ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF– Terms and Conditions You will be charged the prices as they are reflected on the Products in the online store subject to availability. Certain products are available in defined weights / mass. Whilst the weight / mass of the product is indicated on the Online Shopping Site as a guide to the cost, the actual product delivered to you may weigh slightly more or less than the weight/mass indicated. A delivery fee will be charged for each order placed by you. Please visit our Website to view the delivery fee applicable. Methods of payment Credit and Debit Cards are the accepted payment method available as per the online payment system.

Online Payment: Payment will be affected on acceptance of your order and prior to delivery. By submitting your order, and payment card details you warrant that you are over the age of 18 (eighteen), are authorized to make payment with the payment card and that there are sufficient funds available to pay for the order. Payment on Delivery: The full payment will be affected by payment on the online system before delivery of your order. The difference between the pre authorized amount and the actual amount that was delivered will be reversed back into your bank account. The reversal can take between 7 to 14 days appear within your bank account. to CASH ON DELIVERY IS NOT PERMITTED. Stock availability.

cannot always guarantee availability of stock. Where an ordered item is not available, the store will confirm if you have selected substitutes for the product before checkout. If this is the case, the store will substitute the product as per the note provided before checkout or will substitute the product closest to the original brand/price Confirmation of orders

ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF – Terms and Conditions Orders placed online constitute your offer to purchase subject to these Terms. Your offer is deemed to have been accepted by us when you receive our confirmation of your order. Delivery Our delivery charges are as per courier service per delivery. Delivery is subject to the customer providing an accurate delivery address.

ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF cannot be held responsible for inaccurate address details provided and redelivery charges may apply. ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF offers this delivery service to selected stores.

determines the service area by store. ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF may change the delivery service participating in this online service without prior notice. The availability of this service in your service region may be suspended or terminated at any given time at ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF sole discretion.
ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF may terminate service to a specific customer or delivery address in the following (but not limited to) situations: – • Conditions that may pose a threat or danger to the driver or any assistant • Unavailability of legally prohibited parking space • Excessive distance between the selected store and delivery location • Unreasonable expectations or procedures beyond the drivers control that limit access to the delivery location e.g., obstacles, security procedures, no doorbell or intercom, no clearly marked signage to indicate the house number or complex name, etc. Repeated failed deliveries due to the customer not being available within the selected delivery slot. The recipient taking delivery is under the age of 18(eighteen years old) Delivery is subject to the customer address location falling within the predefined service region for

ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF. Delivery Slots are displayed based on availability within the service region. A delivery ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF – Terms and Conditions to access the premises. You will be notified prior to delivery based on the notification preferences selected. The driver will follow contact less delivery procedures on parcel handover to the customer and place parcels on the customer’s doorstep. The driver is not permitted to enter the building, open parcels and view or inspect products. Should the customer discover that a product is damaged on delivery, all parcels and products contained within the parcels must be returned with the driver. The ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF supervisor will contact the customer and arrange for redelivery. Should the customer discover that a product is damaged after delivery, the customer must return the specific product to the store for exchange or a refund. Only orders that total a value of R100 or more will qualify for delivery. The maximum order quantity is limited to 30 items per order. Customers will need to place a separate order if the desired order exceeds 30 items.

Refunds and returns policy ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF strives to provide the best possible service to its customers and has put the appropriate measures in place to ensure all its staff and suppliers are fully aware of and comply with the Consumer Protection Act. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase or would like an exchange, please return it to the store you purchased from with the card used for payment within 7 days for perishable items or 30 days for non-perishable items. Cancellations A customer can cancel an order or line item within an order before picking has been finalized, dispatch has started or delivery for that order has taken place ONDERBERG VERWERKINGSKOOPERASIE BEPERK KO-OPERATIEF – Terms and Conditions If the order has already progressed to the picking or dispatch stages in the order journey, you can follow the delivery process, receive the order, and subsequently take the order back to the store for a return. Risk and ownership Risk in the products shall pass to you or your authorized representative on delivery. We will retain ownership in the products until payment has been received in full.

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